Felicite Moorman and Ryan Buchert were CoFounders of STRATIS, a SaaS Platform enabling mass installation and management of Internet of Things devices. Their company was acquired in 2020 and while they had bootstrapped their philanthropy and activism with their STRATIS Team for years, 2020 provided the opportunity to match their fiscal commitment to their goals as they established their Family Office and Foundation, ZRF Global.

Felicite and Ryan focus their philanthropic and activist efforts on technology, education, community, and the intersection thereof in underrepresented demographics. They believe equity can be more rapidly achieved through entrepreneurship and fund such endeavors.

Satell Institute

Since its launch in 2020, ZRF has been a Member of the Satell Institute, a coalition of CEOs dedicated to corporate social responsibility (CSR) via the creation of corporate-nonprofit partnerships. As members of the Satell Institute, ZRF doesn’t pay membership fees or dues: instead, we donate $25,000 to a nonprofit organization on a yearly basis for four years, and 100% of our member contributions go to the nonprofit(s) of our choice. Our 2020-2023 commitment supports the following Philadelphia nonprofits: Coded by Kids, Cross Cultural Connect, and East Falls Forward’s The Fallser Club. 

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Coded by Kids

Coded by Kids provides young people 8 to 18 years old from underrepresented groups with software development, digital design, computer science, and tech start-up focused entrepreneurship programs. Supporters since their STRATIS days, ZRF founders Felicite and Ryan are technologists committed to creating equity in the tech community. The principles espoused by Coded by Kids are strongly aligned with ZRF’s ethical imperative as an organization and we are proud to be donors.

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Philly Music Fest

ZRF contributes to Philly Music Fest, a non-profit organization that supports local artists and invests in the next generation of Philly musicians. Philly Music Fest uses donations to connect musicians and venues. With proceeds from these concerts, they fund music education for children, and have donated $200,000+ to organizations like Rock To The Future, Live Connections, Settlement Music School, Musicopia, Play On, Philly, Girls Rock Philly, Beyond The Bars, and the Philadelphia Youth Orchestra.

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Cross Cultural Connect

Cross Cultural Connect (CCC) executes on the goal to create world-wide global citizens through multicultural education, collaborative communication, and educational development projects. Felicite and Ryan have been active in CCC for nearly a decade and proudly support the multicultural education of children with varying backgrounds from India, Costa Rica, New Zealand, Peru, Ethiopia, the USA, and more.

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East Falls Forward

East Falls Forward (EFF) is a registered community organization (RCO) with a pro-urban mission: a dedication to making East Falls a walkable, sustainable neighborhood with great places to eat, shop, and do business. Felicite and Ryan have lived and worked in East Falls for a decade, and promote local business owners and give back to the community by clarifying the zoning process, making community action more accessible.

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The Fallser Club

The Fallser Club is East Falls’ first social club, focused on fostering a sense of community. The Fallser Club Team with community partners was able to raise $20,000+ for impacted Ukrainian organizations. They also believe in providing a platform for local musicians, comedians, and other entertainers in the Philadelphia area at a uniquely affordable rate. The Fallser Club wants to show everyone in Philadelphia and beyond what makes East Falls exceptional by hosting community music events, the farmer’s market, unique parties like Sip & Script, and Jefferson University’s student events.

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Kiva Costa Rica

Kiva is an international nonprofit with a mission to expand financial access to help underserved communities thrive by crowdfunding loans and unlocking capital for the underserved, improving the quality and cost of financial services, and addressing the underlying barriers to financial access around the world. Through Kiva’s work, students can pay for tuition, women can start businesses, farmers are able to invest in equipment and families can afford needed emergency care.

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